It’s always good to rely on the professional i-Phone repair services rather than directly going for Apple when faced with any i-Phone issues. This is a very vital tip from the previous i-phone users and if you are feeling puzzled then read below. The article here reveals some secrets justifying the above claim.

No help on accidental damage:

Yes, Apple would not take the responsibility of repairing their customer i-Phones in case the phone has been damaged physically due to any sudden accident. On the other hand, any good and professional i-Phone repair shop from your nearby locality is always willing to mend i-phone damages, irrespective of any cause.

No help on unauthorized modification issues:

Apple has unnecessarily restricted iPhones and when many users go for extra modifications to their Apple smartphones these remain unauthorized by the Apple. Thus, if the phone is facing any trouble from the unauthorized addition issues, its manufacturer is not going to help at all. Also, even if the modifications are not the reasons behind your iPhone trouble, Apple won’t look after any of your iPhone damages, if it has undergone the unauthorized modifications.

Excessive service span:

Apple would take a minimum of 3 days for any repair works on their iPhones while the usual local repair shops would take a maximum of 24 hours for the mending unless there’s an exceptional and highly complicated issue with your phone. Thus, you see, with the repair shop you always get a faster service which is much needed as cell phones are an integral part of our everyday routine.

Excessive repair and high replacement prices:

It has been found that Apple demands for excessive repair and high replacement prices from its customers. In case of the hardware issues, Apple would not mind asking for 199-299 USD for the replacement phones. But i-phone repair shops, on the other hand, would go for the repair works rather than the phone replacement and thus can manage to deliver a service at a much lower cost. Moreover, the iPhone repair shops are ready to provide for a 6 month or 1 year of guarantee with almost all their iPhone repairs.