Water damaged iPhones are a true nightmare for the users. It’s not uncommon for iPhones to get wet and the most usual cause is to drop it in your washroom. Then, the phone can get wet if you are walking in the rain without carrying the umbrella. Too much of sweating can also end up wetting the iPhone if it’s not carried properly. Well, whatever the reason is, if your iPhone gets wet, it would stop functioning completely.

Actually, iPhones are not water tight at all. They are very dainty instruments and the phone interiors are made of many tiny intricate parts. It’s needed to inform that the internal circuit board of the phone is extremely sensitive and cannot be dried easily. Besides, home water and pool water contains chlorine and beach water has salt; both of these come with corrosive effect. Thus, if water enters your iPhone parts, it could erode all or any of the electronic parts that comprise the iPhone interior. Moreover, water inside your iPhone can also result in short circuit.

Now, what to do if the iPhone gets water suffocated and stops functioning completely? Well, if this is the situation, the best way to repair it is to go for a professional iPhone repair center. Don’t follow the DIY iPhone repair kits because if you are not equipped with proper iPhone software and hardware management knowledge, you will ultimately wind up ruining the phone completely.

Then, if your iPhone has crossed the manufacturer’s warranty period, it’s better to avoid the Apple stores as this time they would be asking a very high repair service. Moreover, the Apple stores ask for unnecessarily excessive repair duration.

On the other hand, your local iPhone professional repair centers would not take more than 24 hours of service time unless it’s a too complicated issue. They also come up with a much cheaper repair price without any compromise on the repair quality. Besides, a professional iPhone repair shop is even ready to assist with a free diagnosis of the phone and a complete evaluation of the device after they are done with the repair, plus a solid warranty of 1 year.